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This site is created to bring together the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) professionals together to share ideas and  collaborate on projects. The organization will be non-profit but instead of calling it an “association”, we are calling it, “Center for Innovation”.






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Special Message from Sajib Wajed Joy

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Special Message from The ICT Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak


  I’m very excited to have the opportunity to join the Bangladesh      Center for the ICT Innovation or ICT    ministry is tasked with turning the Bangladesh’s infinite imagination  and creativity into creative assets using science technology and ICT,  thereby creating new added value, new jobs and new growth  engines that are imperatively necessary for the nation's sustained  growth. Mr. John Chowdhury and his colleagues efforts to build this  platform which can bring the necessary cooperation between the  ICT experts from the US and Bangladesh to further our effort to  build a sustaining ICT industry for Bangladesh. Together with the  experts from the both US and Bangladesh working in cooperation,  we will strive to build a better tomorrow for the 21C creative    economy of Bangladesh.