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Heat treatment process of castings

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    March 16, 2018 2:32 AM CDT

    First, look at the certification authority Laminate flooring substrate is mostly plantations, protected natural forests, in line with the sustainable use of natural resources connotation, is environmentally friendly materials truly complete sense. Good Treated Wood Fence Panels should be packaged, a detailed text description, there is the production name and address, telephone, etc., to strengthen the security signs on the back of the wooden floor. Laminate flooring sales staff are generally self-puff, laminate flooring inspection reports generally only responsible for the sample, choose laminate flooring depends on the certification authority: 1, National Inspection certification, certification of products eligible for exemption must not fail for three consecutive years at all levels of inspection records national, local, and currently more than 6000 floor brand, won the national exemption certification has 16. 2, China Environmental Labeling, which is the sole criterion to identify environmentally friendly laminate flooring, as there are strict scope of certification mark, note purchase laminate flooring is consistent with the scope of certification when consumers buy laminate flooring. 3, ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO1400, ISO14001 system certification, through the certification of businesses have the ability to produce qualified products. Second, the strength of the brand of choice Consumers in the choice of cheap composite deck boards in singapore, laminate flooring can be put together to see flatness, height difference, both ends of the size of the class, generally speaking, these problems are mainly due to insufficient precision machining equipment caused by many small workshops plant and equipment is very simple, simply can not guarantee accuracy. Moreover, the production capacity of these small plants are not high density, there is no stable MDF purchase channels, they simply can not control the quality of laminate flooring. So consumers preferred brand strength to strength brands generally do not like small businesses invest less as cutting corners in pursuit of short-term benefits, quality and service are worthy of trust. Third, vigilance pollution accessories Now consumers are very worried about pollution formaldehyde strengthen the wooden floor, and some businesses put formaldehyde commitment very low, and there is laminate flooring inspection reports, however, laminate flooring quality is good or bad depends on its overall performance, if the laminate flooring Too little formaldehyde content, not enough glue, laminate flooring can cause poor strength, not strong, reinforced flooring formaldehyde content as long as it can meet environmental standards. Moreover, it is generally believed that only strengthen the wooden floor itself will release formaldehyde, but in the actual installation process, you want to use a lot of rubber flooring, in view of environmental protection, moisture-proof plastic floor more affordable high-quality low-grade plastic, these are not the amount of formaldehyde released by environmental glue is often much higher than the laminate flooring itself. So consumers pay attention to use green plastic laminate flooring in the pavement, or use less plastic, not rubber. It is understood that, as the main ingredient of laminate flooring, skirting board is also hidden green "killer." Because most wooden skirting board in the production process is also the choice of the formaldehyde-based adhesives were glued, veneer or painted, and the surface of the skirting board can not do the same as the laminate flooring surface dense substrate formaldehyde easily brazenly released. Fourth, the formaldehyde must not exceed 1.5mg / L Laminate flooring is to base quality, laminate flooring substrate quality directly determines the pharmacological properties of laminate flooring, impact resistance and deformation probability. Laminate flooring wear layer thickness larger wear better, but the higher the prices. Thickness swelling index higher moisture resistance worse. Laminate flooring contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasing excessive harm to human body, for laminate flooring and formaldehyde emission must not exceed 1.5mg / L.